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Dress Types

Written by Windsor Support


Backless:  No back to the garment.

Ball Gown:  Formal dress with a full sweeping skirt.

Bodycon: a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body.

Club: Fun, fashion forward clothing worn to nightclubs.

Casual: Informal everyday wear.

Cocktail: A short dress that is acceptable to wear to a formal event.

High-Low: A dress that has a full circle hem but the hem length varies from short in the front to long in the back.

Maxi: An informal dress that is floor or ankle length. Maxi dresses are form fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom.

Mermaid: A dress clings close to your figure to the knee and flares our dramatically from there, creating a fishtail appearance.

Midi: A midi dress is below the knee but not floor length.

Mini:  A mini dress length is well above the knee.

Skater: A skater dress is resembling a figure skater’s dress with the same “A” silhouette but is shorter.

Tank: A tank dress has a neckline that resembles a “tank top.”


Tube: A tube dress is shoulder less, sleeveless dress that wraps tightly around the torso.






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